About us

Our Mission

Here at Unboxed we’re dedicated to creating a cleaner, better Earth by reducing the amount of plastic and other waste used for packaging for your everyday items. We also want to reduce the nasty chemicals used in household items which is why you’ll find natural and eco-friendly products in our store.

Our aim is to live a waste free life as much as possible so everything in our shop is either packaging free, or fully recyclable or biodegradable for the few products we have that use packaging. Nothing you buy from the store will get sent to a landfill site.

Happy planet = happy people!

Our Values

We believe in being mindful about what we buy to try and avoid the unnecessary plastic packaging that so many items use.

And it’s not just the plastic waste – so often we buy too much food, and the rest goes to waste. Our aim is to encourage you to live a simpler life and buy just what you need.


What we sell

As well as your usual fruit and veg, we also sell everything you could need for your store cupboards. From cereals, pasta and dried foods, to a variety of nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

We also sell a wonderful selection of natural cleaning products, and toiletries. All of our products are eco-friendly, biodegradable and, where possible, locally sourced.


Visit Us

You’ll find our plastic-free store in 10 St Peter’s Street, just off the main high street close to Zizzi’s.

Come pay us a visit – we’d love to see you!

Where to find us